September 9, 2013

Fashion Style For Today Are Found In Fashion Wayfarer Sunglasses

Fashion Style For Today Are Found In Fashion Wayfarer Sunglasses
The fashion Wayfarer sunglasses rose into popularity in the 1980s and have managed to remain fashionable until now. They have become an icon that most people reckon with; it has become an icon in the eyewear fashion.

Today, sunglasses have become a part of our dress code, both for males and females. The industry too has also increase their effort; they have made available a good number of designs that are stunning and appealing, giving the users a variety of choice.
Fashion Style For Today Are Found In Fashion Wayfarer Sunglasses

History of the Wayfarer Sunglasses

It was in a movie titled Breakfast at Tiffany's that the wayfarer sunglasses were introduced. This movie was in 1961; ever since these glasses have become quite popular. Their popularity have so risen that it was mentioned in songs such as Boys of Summer. In the 1970s, the style began to fade away but was resurrected in the1980s by the Hollywood stars. Madonna, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and other Hollywood celebrities were seen around wearing these sunglasses. The popularity again declined in the 1990s but rose again in 2001 when it was redesigned. Ever since the wayfarer glasses have persisted in the world of passion and shows signs of remaining so in the future.


These glasses are known for their semi trapezoid shaped lens. The frames are slightly angled depending on the sex for which it is made. The lenses are also shaped in rectangular form. The masculine model is made to enhance the male's masculinity and the feminine models made to compliment the female's beauty. They are designed to give maximum comfort to their users.

After the redesign in 2001, the frames of the glasses became very sleek. It became easy to wear; the material was also changed from into an injected plastic that was lightweight. Many options of colors were also made available which included turquoise, pink, white, navy blue and camouflage. This made the glasses unique and very appealing to most of the users. Bright colors like red on black shades were also made; the colors gave the glasses the power to make one become glamorous.

There are a variety of eyeglasses today and one can get to choose from any of the wide range of Wayfarer sunglasses available. The color and style are made to cover a large spectrum of taste. There are the large ones suitable for round faces and the petite ones also. The Internet also has provided a