September 1, 2013

Fashion Do's And Don'ts For Wearing Footless Tights

Fashion Do's And Don'ts For Wearing Footless Tights
Footless tights are often thought of a must-have for the modern day fashionista. However, if these lightweight undergarments are paired up with the wrong pair of shoes or article of clothing, they can quickly turn into a fashion nightmare.

It is important to keep in mind the fashion do's and don'ts of footless tights to avoid making a disastrous fashion mistake. The following are some fashion do's and don'ts that should be considered when wearing footless tights.

One the biggest fashion don'ts that people can commit when wearing footless tights is to try and pair it up with huge, bulky shoes. Footless tights are designed to leave the entire foot uncovered. Many people will often wear these undergarments with a pair of bulky, clunky shoes. The problem with this choice is that the shoe will often overpower the outfit and make the entire outfit look mismatched.

People can try wearing soft, small, delicate shoes with footless tights to avoid this fashion don't. Sneakers or ballet flats can be worn with a casual outfit. A fancier, elegant outfit can be paired up with heels, open-toe shoes and even flats. All of these shoes will add to the outfit and not distract from the overall look.

Boots are also an ideal pair of footwear for footless tights. The lack of a covered foot provides people with enough room to slip into a pair of boots without fear of having their feet overheated from all the extra layers of clothing that can come from socks or footed tights.

One of the biggest fashion do's to consider when wearing footless tights is to try and layer the articles of clothing. Footless tights are made out of lightweight material in an effort to ensure that the wearer is not overheated when wearing them. This makes them a great choice for people who want to create a layered look all year round.
Fashion Do's And Don'ts For Wearing Footless Tights

Footless tights can be paired up with a variety of clothes to create a unique layered look no matter what the season. These tights can be paired up with a blazer, tank top and skirt for a layered look that is perfect for the spring or summer months. A layered look that is ideal for winter or fall can be achieved by pairing up these tights with a thick sweater, sweater dress, or skirt.

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Footless tights can make or break an outfit. These fashion do's and don'ts will help keep all outfits looking stylish and fashionable when paired up with a pair of footless tights.